Social Media according to NetFlix

  I used to bring electronics in bed to help me stay awake. I was afraid to sleep.  Wild dreams, the kind where you live them over and again, possessed me for days after. And now, when the electronics come to bed with me, I turn them on and instantly fall asleep.  Falling asleep isContinue reading “Social Media according to NetFlix”

The Seagulls say “Goodnight”

The after-dinner nap was going well.   I was deeply into it on a very cozy couch.  One pillow was under my head and the other was over my head, dampening any sound that might keep me awake.  In my dreams I saw whales, dressed patriotically in Evil Knievel bike kits, jumping in and out ofContinue reading “The Seagulls say “Goodnight””

Getting hit in the face by a flying object

Getting hit in the face by a flying object:  a good way to get to know someone.  A wonderful array of camping type hor d’oeuvres was spread across the picnic table.  Prosciutto, crackers, rye bread, smoked salmon, cheese, fruit and even foie gras! (although I don’t think we got into it) Beer and wine wasContinue reading “Getting hit in the face by a flying object”