We travel differently in Doolie than we did in Gertrude.  In the larger pickup and camper we had more storage.  We hauled tables and chairs, my guitar and bike gear in the back seat of the king cab pickup.  The bikes had bug patrol as they rode up on the front bumper. That’s with the exception of Grepedo, the green periscope torpedo tandem, who always got to ride inside.  That will be changing soon!!  In the camper I hauled my clothes out in a laundry basket and put them away, or not, in the plentiful storage.  In the new rig, our clothing is packed in compression bags before it goes out and we each get two little cupboards to store everything…including toiletries. Doolie fits in the RV  garage. We leave the door to the garage and the big sliding side door of the van open and can freely carry items in and out.  Poor Gertrude (actually poor Carol) had  a step stool and three steps to get to the fox platform and then one more step in to the camper.  Those days are over.

Tonight my brain is rumbling as bad as my stomach.  I have been feeling puny today.  Great, I  know, just before a major road trip. I  just laid low, took a long nap and worked on my talks.

I am able to travel.  I can walk, sleep on beds other than my own, eat just about any food I like.  I  think maybe I can even say I am a good traveler.  I even like the challenge involved in the adversities (which I choose to turn into adventures).  I promised to blog on this trip.  I may even write about Parkinson’s. Watch your email!
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4 Replies to “Countdown: 2 days to Road Trip”

  1. Hola …..
    Well done Carol & Charlie… a formidable couple! I can visualize you traveling down the highways & biways…. all the best with your trip.
    Buen Camino of a different kind from sunny South Africa!!

  2. I love to read about your travels, and enjoyed reading your book in fact I want to get a copy of my own, had borrowed a book from Sue Peterson. Hope to see you tomorrow at Macs.

  3. Another adventure on the road with Cousin Carol and Charlie. Wondering, Carol, is your book in the Stacyville Library? I will order one if need be.

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